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The Latest in Logosynthesis®

This first issue of SPARKS contains:

  • an article on mindfulness and Logosynthesis
  • the first part of a series of posts on anger, forgiveness and dissociation
  • a new video with a live demonstration of Logosynthesis®

Willem's Words


I'm very happy to welcome you to SPARKS, the Latest in Logosynthesis. Many people like to read my posts on Facebook but don't have the time, so I created this medium to support you in the use of my work. It's my plan to spark your interest every 3-4 weeks. Enjoy!

Dr. Willem Lammers

Mindfulness and Logosynthesis®

Mindfulness as well as Logosynthesis recognise the value of a solid working alliance, with presence on the side of the coach or psychotherapist, with the attitude and the intention to induce this state in the client. However, the are quite some differences.

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Anger, Forgiveness, Dissociation

Anger and pride are relatively pleasant emotions, compared to those associated with first order dissociation: fear, guilt, shame. This post is the first of a series to describe the connection between different types of negative emotions. Read more.

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